Collecting Social Science Data with Smartphone Apps and School Children | @intensifier

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  • Christopher Kullenberg (Gothenburg Uni.)
  • Frauke Rohden (Gothenburg Uni.)
  • Johan Järlehed (Gothenburg Uni.)
  • Andreas Nord (Gothenburg Uni.)
  • Helle Lykke Nielsen (Gothenburg Uni.)
  • Tove Rosendal (Gothenburg Uni.)
  • Gustav Westberg (Stockholm Uni.)
  • Sara van Meerbergen (Stockholm Uni.)
  • Fredrik Bronéus (VA)
  • Lotta Tomasson (VA)

Funded by: Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg, Vetenskap och Allmänhet

Anslagstavlan (Bulletin Boards)

  1. Purpose of the study
  2. Data collection
  3. Lessons learned

Citizen Humanities? (CH)

  1. App-based CH?
  2. Methodological commonalities with science?
  3. Reflexive interpretation?

Data collection

46 school classes | ~1000 pupils | 2 week data collection

Data quality issues

  1. 349/1516 pictures discarded (23%)
  2. GPS errors
  3. Inaccurate classifications

Learning and reflexivity

  1. Analog bulletin boards and "digital natives"
  2. Teachers learning about technology
  3. The research process is itself part of the analysis

Lessons learned

  1. Create simpler protocols!
  2. Separate collection/classification!
  3. Increase on-site contextual knowledge creation!

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